Otherside First Trip - M²

Two’s Company, three’s a Crowd. So what’s 4,600?

The Otherside First Trip.


First Place

On July 16, Yuga Labs successfully ran a tech demo for the metaverse experience Otherside. Powered by Improbable’s MSquared tech, 4,600 Voyagers from the Otherside community joined in for the First Trip. That’s four times the previous world record for any single virtual space. Not bad for a trial run.
FT Sphere 2

First Click

Joining the Otherside experience was utterly seamless. MSquared’s exclusive technology stack meant that the process was hitch-free - no downloads, no installation, no queues. Every player had a silky smooth Trip running at 30 frames per second, lag-free.

On the back-end, our event-management tools allowed the hosts to direct and supervise the crowd, whilst our broadcast kit meant that no-one had to miss out. And our player support/moderation team helped resolve the few issues smoothly and efficiently.

Boda Battle 2

First Class

We worked closely with the team at Yuga Labs to ensure that the Otherside First Trip was all it could be: Bored Apes and Kodas in a true virtual world with seamless NFT integration and working spatial audio.

Our end-to-end metaverse solution and expert development teams meant that the project was taken from early design to flawless product in a matter of weeks - and it managed to be record-breaking too.

Free the Koda

First Part of The Voyager’s Journey

4,620 peak concurrent attendees. 2,560 hosted live stream videos. 36,335 imported NFTs. The first milestone in the Otherside Voyager’s Journey, a first of its kind interactive development effort with thousands of community members, delivered in a big way, and both we and the community are just getting started. Want in on the adventure? Head to Otherside.xyz for more info.