The M² network creates dense virtual spaces at unprecedented scale. These rich, immersive worlds support thousands of participants interacting in real-time with advanced spatial audio for natural conversation. In these, we will bring together fans, communities and companies across sports, music, fashion and entertainment.

The possibilities are thrilling: new spaces that enable society and culture to thrive; innovative Web3 experiences made by a network of brands, creators and individuals; worlds where participants can make genuine connections and find more fulfilment in their lives.

Core to the M² network is a shared vision, a shared passion: of uniting people globally, whatever their circumstances.

What is MSquared?

MSquared was established by Improbable, a British metaverse technology company, to help create better metaverse experiences and to bring interconnected virtual worlds to life. These experiences can support over 10,000 live participants. Users can interact in real-time in rich, immersive worlds with advanced spatial audio that enables natural voice chat, and the ability to join an experience in seconds without a client download. Otherside (co-created by Yuga Labs and Improbable) will be one of the founding interoperable metaverses on the M² network.

A close partnership with Improbable gives members of the M² network access to Improbable’s team of veteran Web3 and game developers. Together, we bring their Metaverse projects to life.